Covid19 Health an safety update

Winter Season 2020-2021 Scandinavian Cup 

Our goal is tcreate a safe Racing environment for teams and individuals at Santasport and Ounasvaara Ski Stadion. For this, we try to create a safe environment for  athletes and their team. By following these instructions, we are able to; 


  1. Protect all participating groups from infections 
  2. Protect other guests, locals and workers in the area 
  3. Isolate groups effectively and efficiently 
  4. To keep positive infections in isolation 
  5. Allow a safe and infection free season start in Scandinavia Cup


Travelling to Finland 

  • You must have negative COVID-19 test certificate that is no more than 72 hours old at the time of your arrival to Finland 
  • Use a facemask and take good care of your personal hygiene during the travelling 
  • Avoid close contacts with other customers 
  • Follow the current COVID-19 guidelines provided by each country 


More Official info about Covid-19 

     Ministry for Foreign affairs of Finland

    Finnish Border Guard’s Guidelines for border traffic. 

    If Needed OC and Santasport can send invitation letter for teams and inform Finnish Border Guard’s to help teams arriving to Rovaniemi.


    Other precautionary measures 

    • Only necessary personnel will be in contact with participating groups 
    • We highly recommend for the use of facemask and/or visor at all times inside the campus including all customers, personnel and others 
    • No handshaking 


    In case of experiencing symptoms of a respiratory infection and suspect a corona infection 

    • Isolate yourself immediately from others 
    • Contact Santasport Covid-19 coordinator   
    • Get tested even if you have mild symptoms 
    • Quarantine accommodation and meals will be provided to those infected and exposed 

    After your stay at Santasport 

    • If you test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of staying in Santasport, immediately